Grand Teton National Park

is my favorite place on Earth. It feels like home to me. Growing up in Wyoming was a wonderful experience. Wyoming is a large state and I grew up hours from the park, but my husband, Roy, grew up in a town just a hop, skip, and a jump from Jackson. While we were still dating and living in Wyoming, it was always a treat to go visit him because that meant that I would get to drive by this park. I would drive beside those tall, blue mountains and think of all the memories that my family made in the park when I was a kid. I love seeing the photos that my grandfather took there every year, and I love being able to take my own photos there and use my passion to give other families and couples tangible memories from this park. Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole both have so many amazing locations for portrait sessions, but here are my most favorite destinations.

Moulton Barns

For a more rustic or Western setting, there is the Moulton family homestead. Not far out of Jackson, Wyoming you will find Antelope Flats Road, which will lead you right to the homestead. There are old buildings and two barns, one of which is up a road called Mormon Row. Either barn will provide an exceptional backdrop for photos. Both barns are typically full of visitors, so once you get there, I would suggest choosing the less crowded barn. There is always the possibility of starting at one and then walking to the other near the last half of your photo session.

The barn on Mormon Row offers quite a bit of variety for a photo session. There is a large grove of aspen trees that change colors throughout the year. There are a few small footbridges that can make for cute photos. You will notice that at this barn there are more trees in front of the mountains. Unique to this barn is an old fence that wraps all the way around the barn. All of these aspects add up to a very dynamic final gallery. These are elements that you will find repeated throughout Grand Teton National Park, so to be able to be photographed with the foot bridges, aspen trees, old fences, and mountains can represent a full picture of what the park looks and feels like.

The Moulton barn is just across the road from the barn on Mormon Row. It is considered the most photographed barn in the world! It is a very iconic photo destination, especially for portrait sessions. Even though it does not offer as much variety as the other barn, it is just as gorgeous. Behind this barn, you will find a large grassy field that screams "iconic Wyoming look". Wyoming is well known for its vast prairies and mountains. This location gives both. Fewer trees block your view of the mountains - which is great if you want the Tetons in the background, but not great if you love the aspen tree look.

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Schwabacher's Landing

Schwabacher's Landing is my go-to destination because there are two different areas and so much diversity. You do not have to go far to find several beautiful spots for your photos! This location does not require a parking pass to enter. Schwabacher's Landing can be easy to miss. It has a small sign off of the main road. Once you turn in, you'll zig-zag through the rough road and tight spaces. My Subaru Legacy can make it down there, but if your car rides lower to the ground I would be careful because this does entail a little off-roading. The views are stunning! It is below the main road and you are transported into a small valley with a creek. This is a popular wildlife viewing area! You may run into moose but also be prepared with bear spray because grizzlies are hard to spot in the thick greenery. There are two trails along the creek. The first one is usually less crowded. It offers easy access to the creek and more shade. If you want to get in the water or run through the trees and grass, then the first pull-off is your location. The second pull-off is the most iconic and it is probably the one that you will see when you look at Google images. It offers amazing views of the mountains, but as of now, you are not permitted to leave the designated trails. On calm, non-windy days, you are likely to see a reflection of the mountains in the pond!

This is a dynamic location with several different looks within a short walk. Photos from here will truly give a sense of adventure! This area usually features immaculate views of the mountains, but some days could have cloud coverage. That is one struggle to keep in mind - tall mountains can create their own weather, or simply be hidden by clouds, smoke, or fog. Keep in mind that this trail may not work for everyone. It is a dirt trail with large tree roots in some areas and somewhat steep hills in other areas, and you will be wandering away from the parking lot.

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The Waters and Streams

There are many adventurous activities to do around Grand Teton National Park, and I love adventurous couples! For Shelby and Zac's photo session, we rented a canoe for the morning. These photos were captured at Schwabacher's Landing. I know we have already talked about this location, but I am sure that we could create similar photos at several points in the park. I think that these photos deserve a moment in the gallery because they are so unique. Just make sure that there is a nice place for your photographer to stand while taking these photos!

Jenny Lake

Jenny Lake is one of the most visited areas in Grand Teton National Park. The lake sits at the base of the Teton Range and offers a variety of looks! It is a popular place for hikers and fishermen. Jenny Lake can turn into an adventure, but these photos only require a short walk down a path and a tiny climb down a steep rocky hill.

It is a great location to get up close and personal with the Tetons. The clear water and towering cliffs make this location surreal. Several popular trails range from easy to advanced. There is a lodge there and boating docks. For these photos, we just hiked down to the rocky beach of the lake. This is a great way to show off long dress trains or cathedral veils.

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Oxbow Bend

Oxbow Bend offers a spectacular viewpoint of the Snake River. It has inspired photographers for centuries with its perfect reflections and stunning view of Mt. Moran. What is great about this spot is that it is easily accessible with a good-sized parking lot. From the parking lot, you can follow the footpaths at a higher vantage point, or walk down closer to the river. It lies within the boundaries of the pay-for-entry part of the park and is not accessible in the winter months. This location is iconic and instantly recognizable!

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Mountain View Turnout

Some of my all-time favorite photos that I have created in Grand Teton National Park were those of Hyrum and Raley's bridal session! This couple is madly in love and always willing to go on an adventure. I think that Mountain View Turnout was the perfect destination for them. This location is a pull-off on the road with bathrooms and parking spaces. It is perfect for brides with heels or extravagant dresses. This is one area where no hiking is required and there's a bathroom! Always make sure to be careful with delicate fabrics in Wyoming. Sage brush will catch on lace or tooele and rip it very easily.

By just taking a few steps outside of the parking area you will be greeted with fields of sagebrush, pine trees, and epic views of the mountains. This area works well when you have a lot of poses in mind. It wouldn't be my first pick for families or seniors because it does not offer very much diversity. What you see in the photos above is what you get. There is no shade so be prepared to be creative if you choose this spot!

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Bridger-Teton National Forest

When people think about Jackson Hole, they do not always think of Bridger-Teton National Forest but it is beautiful! The forest offers a diverse wilderness area located in the Rocky Mountains of western Wyoming. Covering over 3.4 million acres, there are a ton of locations within it, and several have views of the Teton Mountains. As a Wyomingnite, I would say this is the ultimate Wyoming look! The forest is managed by the U.S. Forest Service and is open to the public so that means there is more opportunity to be had on the land than in the park. Grand Teton National Park is a great place to take photos, but it has a lot of rules when it comes to weddings. My secret for all national parks is this: Get married near the park in a beautiful location, and then we will travel into the park for your photos.

If you do a little research into the boundaries of the two it may make planning a wedding there much easier!

Speaking of the Bridger-Teton National Forest and weddings, there is the wedding tree. This is a location that I can not wait to work at! It is a great spot for photos in general, but it would be perfect for an eloping couple! Imagine an intimate wedding under a huge tree, in the Wyoming prairie, overlooking the iconic Teton Mountains. There is a small parking area and it only requires a short hike to the tree. If you would like to get married here, I would LOVE to work with you. Please inquire here!

Professional photo sessions in Grand Teton National Park are a popular way for locals and travelers to capture their special moments. It is a wonderful place for family sessions, professional couple photos, engagement announcements, seniors, or even elopements, micro-weddings, or wedding formals! The park offers a diverse range of landscapes and natural features, from the rugged peaks of the Teton Range to the tranquil waters of Jenny Lake. This is my favorite place on Earth and I try to make it to the park at least twice a year. Please reach out to me if you have found this blog and are convinced to take photos here. I would love to fit this into my schedule!

I would love to be considered as your photographer around Jackson, Wyoming! Learn more about my offerings with the link here!