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Senior photos are a rite of passage for high school students, marking the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. When you are in high school you are dreaming about getting out and being an adult. Trust me, I could not wait to get out of school and move on to 'real life', but the truth is that we all look back and think about our high school days.

Once I graduated high school, it felt like college only lasted a blink of an eye. So many memories and experiences build us into who we will become in our adult life. College graduation was such a big deal and one of my regrets is not having professional photos taken of me during that time.

We all deserve to have professional photos that capture those moments of our lives. It is not about IF you should book your senior photos, it is about WHEN you should book them. If you're wondering when the best time to book your senior photos is, there are a few things to consider.

Planning Your Senior Photos

Best Time of Year for Senior Photos


If you're dreaming of a springtime shoot with blooming flowers, you'll want to book your session in the late winter or early spring, before the flowers start to wilt. Spring in Utah can be quite unpredictable, so if you would like to book your photos during this time, you will have to commit to being flexible. The sun doesn't always come out when we want it to and it is hard to guess when the plants will begin to bloom. I suggest that we give it our best guess and then be prepared to watch the weather app. We will also have to keep in mind that if you want your photos delivered to you by a certain date for yearbooks, I need a set time to edit your photos, but if we can get everything to work out perfectly, then nothing beats the beauty of spring - especially at locations such as the Utah Capitol Building with their cherry blossoms!


Some families worry that summer is too early or too late for photos, but I don't think so! If you are transitioning between your junior year and senior year of high school, we have to be realistic! Senior year is going to go by so fast! It starts so exciting and busy, and then as the last semester approaches the timeline crunch of college applications and scholarships starts to take up most of the calendar. Not to mention sports schedules and extra circular activities! And if you have just graduated, then you know just how busy your year was, but know it is still just as important to capture this moment in time, and the same goes for our college graduates!

As a photographer myself, I would recommend that you inquire with your desired photographer sooner than later to get on their schedule. We get extremely busy in the summer with weddings and sometimes even more busy during the fall color season! Most photographers require a deposit to reserve your date, but it is important to get your date locked on their calendars.


Our favorite time of year to capture senior/graduate photos is in the Fall and the reason might be surprising to you. Yes, the colors are amazing, the temperature is perfect, and all of our favorite locations are still open, but that is not the reason why I love fall senior photos. I love them because my clients are truly seniors and/or getting to the end of this chapter. It is exciting and nostalgic! They are starting this chapter full of hope and wonder. It is such a positive time of life and photos tend to be fun and light. Fall photo sessions are full of magic.

If you're looking to capture the vibrant colors of fall, you'll want to book your session in the late summer or early fall, before the leaves start to fall. Fall is a very busy time for photographers. Businesses like mine are booking weddings, engagements, bridals, families, and seniors/graduates. We are trying to fit all of the sessions into a tiny window of outdoor perfection, so make sure to book at least 4-8 weeks in advance.


I grew up in a family that loves hockey! My brother played and I went to every game and almost every practice with him. Winter was our favorite time of year so I completely understand why you may want to have your photos taken in winter! November and December in Utah can come with mild weather from my experience of living here. January, February, and March can become more unpredictable. If you want outdoor photos then this is another time of year that we may all have to be flexible with the desired outcome. However, if you want to take your senior photos in a studio then winter is the perfect time of year to do so! Most photographers are slower in the winter so that means we are more likely to have your desired date available. This also means that editing times can be quicker and we are sure to get your photos back to you by your yearbook deadline if you give us enough of a heads up for that deadline.

Consider these things before booking a senior photographer:

Time of Day for Senior Photos

Think about the time of day that works best. Photographers love golden hour! Golden hour is the time right before sunset. Sometimes we will get a beautiful sunset, and other times we will literally have beautiful, bright, golden light shining on us. Morning light is also a great option! It is generally soft and flattering. Cloudy days are great for soft light and bright sunny days are great for seniors who want more edgy photos. Your photographer will be able to help with this decision and it may all just come down to your own schedule.

School Deadlines for Photos

Another important factor to consider is your school's calendar. You'll want to make sure that your photos are taken before any major events, such as prom or graduation so that you can use them for yearbook submissions or other keepsakes. It's also a good idea to book your session well in advance of any major holidays, as many photographers tend to fill up quickly during these busy times. Photographers understand that you will have a deadline, but make sure to be forthright with that deadline before booking your session. I have personally had seniors expect me to have a two-day turnaround so that their photos can be in the yearbook! Most photographers will need a couple of weeks to finish your photos so make sure that your deadlines will work with their timeline.

Your Own Schedule

Finally, it's important to think about your schedule. You'll want to choose a time that works well for you, and that allows you to be well-rested and relaxed for your shoot. You will want to book this on a day that you will have plenty of time to do any makeup or hair touch-ups, in other words, don't plan this right after sports practice! These are memories that will last a lifetime for you and the students you graduate. They will live in the yearbook on people's bookshelves so we will want to make sure that you will look your best.

Studios in Utah for Senior Photos:

Additional fees will be connected to these locations

  1. Daylight Studios
  2. The Loft Studio
  3. Studio Noire Noir
  4. Lite Photo Studios
  5. Wild Willow Studio

Outdoor Locations in Utah for Senior Photos:

  1. International Peace Gardens
  2. Kyhv Peak
  3. Hidden Valley Park
  4. Big Springs Park
  5. Jordan Pines

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