Best Outfits for Our Favorite Utah Locations

Here's the thing... my clients either get engaged or start looking at old photos on the wall, book us as their photographer, and then this thought creeps in, "Oh crap! What do I wear?"


No worries! I got you covered. Below you will find some easy options that are guaranteed to look amazing in your photos!

Minimalist Outfit Ideas for a Photo Session:


If you want to go for a timeless and minimal-effort look then these are for you. Not only will these be in style for years to come, but they also look great in almost any landscape. 

Look for:

  • Cotton and linen materials
  • Earth tone colors

The number one best place to find outfits for everyone is Abercrombie and Fitch! 

Romantic Aesthetic Outfit Ideas for a Photo Session:

I like to think of this as the ultimate engagement session outfit! It is elevated, fun, and flirty! When you look for these types of outfits look for texture! Here are some things to keep in mind when picking these outfits:

  • Woven materials, buttons, and soft-to-touch
  • Dresses that have slits, and movement
  • Blouses that have lace or intricate details
  • Think chino pant styles for men


Outfits like these can be found at Arula, Anthropologie, Lucky Brand, Abercrombie and Fitch, and H&M.

Denim Outfits for Your Photo Session

Denim can be overlooked, but it can be a super fun material to work with in photo shoots. Classic denim styles require similar color denim pants and simple white or black t-shirts. If you want to make it more western then choose pearl snap tops and boots. Or if you want to dress it up then there are so many cute denim dresses and jackets!


Outfits like these can be found at Wrangler, Lucky Brand, and Levis.

Formal Ideas for Your Photo Shoot

A little dressed up, a little sexy, a whole lot of confidence. This is for my couples who want to dress it up and feel their best for their photos! Don't worry about being "too dressed up" because I have had girls show up in full ball gowns before and we can make it look amazing.


Outfits like these can be found at Arula, Anthropologie, Abercrombie and Fitch, and H&M. Some of these websites have "wedding guest" collections.

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