Here's the truth...

When you envision your wedding in your head, it seems so beautiful, lovely, and perfect, but there is a moment when you start booking your vendors where everything starts to get overwhelming. The questions that vendors like us will ask you can seem big and scary. We intend to make sure that everything turns out perfect for you, but in the midst of all of that perfection, we need to gather all the details. The details are difficult for any couple, but in today's blog, I am here to make it easy! When you book trusted and professional vendors your day will run smoothly and you can be assured your needs will be met with the utmost respect and professionalism.

Hourly Coverage:

Typically our couples have a rough timeline of what their wedding day will look like when they first inquire with us. Usually, the first vendor that is booked in the wedding planning process is the venue. Not all venues are created equally. Some come with bridal suites, some have beautiful outdoor spaces for group photos, and some are at restaurants or hotel ballrooms. Where you choose to get married will play a huge role in determining your timeline and the details that all of your following vendors will be asking you.

For us photographers and videographers, one of the first decisions that you will need to make is the hourly coverage. If you have not locked in your venue yet, that is okay! Roy and I are here to help you with any stage of the process that you may want our advice on. That is one of the primary reasons that we have been scheduling calls with our 2024 couples - to completely understand where you are in the wedding planning process and where your pain points are! We are here to help guide you along this process. We are fully aware that we live in the wedding industry 24/7 whereas you may have just stepped in for the first time a few weeks ago!

Our packages are set up in a way that works with a wedding's timeline. We have done so many weddings by now that I am certain you will find your ideal coverage with us in our packages. Here is how we have packages laid out going into 2024:

  • All-Inclusive Package - Up to 10 hours of coverage
  • Luxe Package - Up to 8 hours of coverage
  • Classic Package - Up to 6 hours of coverage
  • Intimate Package - Up to 3 hours of coverage

These four packages will cover 99% of the clients that are interested in booking us. Let me explain below.

Why our packages are set up the way they are:

A good sign that you have found a professional photographer or videographer is by taking a glance at their packages. When you have a brochure in front of you that has a good variety of options, but a clear direction in where each package will land you, then you can rest assured that your photographer/videographer has worked on several weddings.

We set up our packages in a way that works with our workflow. You won't find a 4-hour package on my brochure because I know that wedding events take me a certain amount of time to capture. Hopefully, you are choosing a photographer based on their style, their professionalism, and the value they offer you. Each photographer/videographer is different and we each know how much time we need set aside to capture the details that you want. We will align our package structure to reflect that result.

We also know how the flow of each transition between wedding events goes. Sometimes there are mishaps, accidents, or drama that make the timeline run later than expected. Other times we know that reception may not need as much coverage as you think, after all, there are only so many dancing shots we can take before we all agree that it has gotten repetitive. After years of attending all sorts of weddings, we are confident that our packages will work for weddings in 2024. And if trends change, and packages need to be re-evaluated, then we are committed to doing so!

Let's take a second to get the juicy part. I will break it all down for you!

Intimate Package (AKA up to 3 hours)

This package is perfect for my super simple couples. Maybe your actual wedding day lasts longer than 3 hours, but what you need to be photographed or videoed will be short and sweet. This is really a great option for our couples who have a minimalist wedding with not too many festivities and value great imagery to capture their private and intimate day, hence the name. Here are three examples of weddings that I work on with this package:

Example 1:

  • Capture you both getting ready
  • Head over to the ceremony and photograph that and then we are done with photos/video

Example 2:

  • Show up to capture the ceremony
  • After the ceremony, we capture group photos and family photos, and then we are done with photos/video

Example 3:

  • Show up to capture the ceremony
  • After the ceremony, we take the time to capture beautiful moments of just the two of you together at the venue or at a beautiful location

Classic Package (AKA up to 6 hours)

This package is for our couples looking for a stress-free and organized day-of wedding photographer/videographer! Our couples who book this package are likely to want to capture all of the most important details. This is great for our couples whose timeline begins with the ceremony and leads into the reception. Here is a timeline example for this package:

Example 1:

  • Show up to capture the ceremony
  • Capture family photos, group photos, and wedding party photos
  • Capture just the two of you on the wedding day OR capture a dinner/cocktail hour
  • End our coverage with an hour or two of reception coverage

Luxe Package (AKA up to 8 hours)

This is our most booked package because it is the best bang for your buck, plus our couples get every detail captured. They have a big wedding day plan and want to take the time to enjoy every bit of it! This is the most complete package we offer for great coverage from start to end. The details and festivities will be captured in full with nothing being left out. Here are two examples of this package:

Example 1:

  • Show up to capture you both getting ready for the wedding
  • Capture the first look, first touch, or just private moments before the ceremony
  • Capture the ceremony
  • Capture family photos, group photos, and wedding party photos
  • End our coverage with two hours of reception coverage

Example 2:

  • Show up to capture you both getting ready for the wedding
  • Capture the ceremony
  • Capture family photos, group photos, and wedding party photos
  • Go off somewhere private to just capture the two of you on your wedding day
  • Capture a dinner or cocktail hour
  • End our coverage with one hour of reception coverage

All-Inclusive Package (AKA up to 10 hours)

This package was designed for couples who are going all out. This is "THE DAY". The All-Inclusive package allows for artistic freedom and a relaxed wedding day full of precious moments. It basically ensures that we will be there to photograph and video the entire wedding from start to finish. If you have extra moments that you want outside of the "luxe package" then the all-inclusive package will likely cover your timeline perfectly. It really means you get us for your entire timeline with all the extra parts and nuances covered in full. Here are the moments that you are sure to pack into the all-inclusive package:

  • Getting ready
  • First looks
  • Ceremony
  • Group photos, family photos, and wedding party photos
  • Moments with just the two of you
  • Cocktail hour or dinner
  • Speeches or toasts
  • Reception

Do you have a better timeline idea envisioned now?

Whether the answer to that question is a yes or a no, we are here to help. When you fill out our inquiry form, we will send you an email with more information about what it is like to work with us, and we will also give you schedule options to hop on a Zoom call with us. In the call, we will go over our brochure, hear more about your vision, suggest a package that we believe will work for you, and answer any questions you may have.

Roy and I believe that wedding vendors should be there to support clients. You deserve to get the coverage you want and feel confident that your vendors understand your day and your vision. We have found the perfect balance of knowing what we need to provide our best work all while making certain that your day is covered perfectly with the things you want to remember. We want to do more than just show up and capture your wedding! You will find a ton of information about weddings and advice on our website under the "resources" tab. If still in doubt, just send us an email!